Five ways to spot if you're a dromomaniac

Do you get an uncontrollable urge to wander? Not just the standard itchy feet. We're talking serious psychological urge to get up and go. If you've got this far into reading without scooting off, you probably haven't got it.

An example is Jean-Albert Dadas, a gas fitter who deserted the French army and criss-crossed Europe in a trance-like state for five years. He was admitted to a Bordeaux hospital in 1886 suffering from exhaustion. It turned out he'd been suffering since the age of twelve years, typically disappearing to turn up in some distant city without a clue how he got there.

A modern example is Charles Veley, the Guinness Book of World Records most travelled man. By the age of 47 years he'd travelled two million miles and visited 95% of the locations on earth.

Like lists? How about people who've walked across the USA, or walked around the coast of Great Britain? And the grandaddy of them all, those who've ambled across the world. How's that itch feeling now? If still in doubt, check out the list...
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