Five good reasons to go for a walk.

In this 24/7 world when we're busy all the time, taking an hour or more out of a busy schedule to go for a walk is just going to add to the pressure, right? Strangely enough, not. The busier you are, the more important it is for you take time out to do something which relieves stress and forces you slow down. Why pay a fortune for a gym membership and end up queuing for equipment in a sweaty room? Walking is free and doesn't need any special clothing. Read on for five good reasons to go for a walk.
1. Walking is good for your physical health.
Helping control weight and tone muscles, walking also boosts circulation, making you feel more alert and energetic. You'll reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. More benefits are improved sleep, balance and co-ordination, better joint movement and reduced risk of various other diseases.

2. It's also good for mental health.
Like other forms of exercise, walking releases endorphins, which make you feel happier. Walking reduces stress by forcing you to slow down. New surroundings and experiences make your brain more active and sharp. Walking helps relieve depression, stress and anxiety.

3. Think things through
Need to solve a problem or be creative? A solo walk is hard to beat. With no interruptions, you have time to think and let your mind wander. Going for a walk by yourself is a great form of meditation. Just make sure you turn off your mobile 'phone.

4. Be sociable
There are few better ways to spend time with friends than to go for a walk, especially if there's a tearoom or pub halfway. Conversation flows easily when you're ambling through the countryside. And walking is a great way to make new friends. Just join a local walking group.

5. Be green
All too often we climb in the car to pop down to shops or visit a friend. It's amazing how short a distance many car trips are. Why not walk? You'll enjoy the trip there and back that much more, save money, save the planet (a bit) and elongate your car's life.

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