Dry walks for muddy days

There are few conditions in which a good pair of walking boots can't cope. But when it's really messy or just downright dangerous to meander in mud, there's nothing wrong with heading for safer ground.

Listed below are walks that steer clear of mucky routes, and a couple that may be worth trying since they're along banks. So if you're longing to stretch your legs after a spell of wet wintery weather, try one of these. Where an alternative route to the normal one is required to avoid particularly muddy areas, there's a map with the detour shown as a blue dashed line. Recommended tea rooms are shown by a red circle.

Dry walks
To avoid crossing Hemingford Meadow, just after point 5 walk to the bottom of Church Street and turn right along St Ives Road. After a mile turn right and follow the footpath called Filbert's Walk to St Ives bridge to continue the original route.

Houghton Mill via The Thicket
To avoid Houghton meadows and fields, at point 3 continue along The Thicket road into Houghton village centre. Turn left into Mill Street and continue to Houghton Mill. Turn left to Houghton tea room. To return, retrace your steps up Mill Street and along The Thicket path to point 3.

To avoid crossing Hemingford Meadow, from the start point walk along London Road and about halfway down turn right and follow Filbert's Walk to turn right along Hemingford Road. As you enter Hemingford Grey village centre turn right to head up Church Street to point 4. Follow the alternative route to return.

To avoid the woodland and field paths, walk back out of the main car park entrance, cross to the path and turn left into Holywell from point 2.

Houghton to Godmanchester Nature Reserve
Follow this route to point 5. Return via the same route to avoid continuing across the water meadows.

Other walks to try
The following walks are along banks, so may be okay even in long spells of damp weather.

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