Open Gardens in Cambridgeshire

It's no secret Cambridgeshire Walks likes an amble around an attractive village. Throw in a few pleasant surprises and some food and drink and you've got the perfect recipe for a wonderful day out.

Last year a few visits were arranged to Open Garden events. They were fantastic. Stunning gardens, some of them jaw-droppingly beautiful. Great ideas to consider. Lots of homemade food and plants to buy. And really enthusiastic owners. On enquiring about a particularly unusual plant, one owner even bagged up some seeds to take away.

So if you fancy giving it a try, to view local events click Open Gardens in Cambridgeshire. It's early days, and there are currently five events listed to put in your diary. Typically each event has from ten to fifteen gardens to visit. A small fee (that generally goes to the local garden club or church fund) gets you a map plotting the gardens open in the village. Walk three to five miles if you get to all the gardens. Worth visiting periodically, since there are lots more events to be added.

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