IMPORTANT UPDATE! The plans changing The Thicket footpath into cycle track.

Notices along The Thicket footpath state Huntingdonshire District Council as one of the two locations with plans to view. Save yourself the trip. No one at HDC has a clue about the documents. Managed to get a name at Cambridgeshire County Council. Despite several calls and a voicemail left, no response.
Fortunately an email sent last week to the National Transport Casework Team is answered. Click the order and plans to view yourself. Assuming these documents dated 2014 are the right ones, they're not very helpful. Mention 'part of the width of the footpath' being designated a cycle track between 2.5 and 3 metres in width. Shows the affected part from Barnes Walk, St Ives, all the way to Meadow Lane, Houghton. Mentions the installation of three bollards, which are already in place.

An email has gone to Steve Ouditt of the Rights of Way and Access Team at Cambridgeshire County Council with the questions below.

NOTE You can read the original article and comments received, view options to register your view, or read Thicket Inquiry - The Experience.

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  1. Anonymous11:28 am

    If HDC are involved it will be a shambolic - its about time residents of HDC knew what a mess and how incompetent they actually are from bins to planning ! Post on their Facebook page on comments I think to the right and you might get a reply


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