Great walks in Cambridgeshire

Lets go for a walk. On a warm summer's day how better to spend time, particularly if at the halfway point there's a good country pub to enjoy lunch or refreshments. Throw in wildflowers, wildlife, good scenery and some historical interest and you've got a winning combination.

This web site is dedicated to walks from and around our beautiful town of St Ives in Cambridgeshire. The land is flat, but with tall skies and wide horizons there's a fantastic feeling of open spaces.

Select one of the tabs above depending on how far you want to travel from St Ives. You'll find a map showing the start of walks; each is listed below with a short summary. Click any walk and you'll get a route map and detailed guide. Click any of the maps to enlarge. At the bottom of each page is a Print Friendly button so you can easily print the information.

Most of the walks have been written with warm weather in mind. But even in winter they're worth trying, though you'll need good walking or wellington boots since there'll be some muddy patches.

Just about any footpath you care to take is almost certainly ancient. So before setting off, why not click the 'History of footpaths' tab and read more on the topic, including origins and vegetation to look out for.

When you've completed a walk, please do add a comment to let me know what you think, or if the directions could be improved.

Gradually I'm adding more walks to this site. If you know of one that's worth including, please click the 'Contact me' tab and let me know.

Thanks, John

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  1. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Visiting Manor Nursing Home regularly I was pleased to find useful walks recorded for change of activity, thank you very much.